Ranking the Pre-Release Songs from Taylor Swift’s “Reputation”

“Reputation” is out now and…I haven’t heard it yet. Having decided to withhold the album from streaming services for at least the first week, I’d rather leverage my Spotify subscription to get the music when it becomes available. Of course, I’ll scramble around to try and find the music for free elsewhere, but in the meantime, let’s rank the four previously-released tracks!

4. Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor stumbles out of the gate with an obnoxious mid-tempo track that drags her dated feud with the Kardashian-West clan to the forefront. She comes off as childish as she talks about how everyone has caused the old Taylor to die. Audibly, the song is a glaring clash of synths, piano, and Tay Tay singing a poor homage to I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred. Despite the song’s initial success, it mostly rode off of the new music hype and quickly fell off a cliff.

3. Call it What You Want

The last pre-release song is the most restrained of the bunch. Singing calmly about how her new love has helped her cope with the recent drama regarding the previously-mentioned beef, it makes for a decent album cut. I still don’t like the way she’s singing about this situation, and I question how much of an impact this song has made as a single, but at least the song steers into more comfortable territory.

2. Gorgeous

After releasing two dark and brooding tracks, she proves that the old Taylor isn’t actually dead. On this song about a guy who looks so good that it makes her mad, she bounces along this cute track while dropping some hints about being open to more scandalous behaviour. Maybe keeping her company along with her cats isn’t such a bad idea.

1. …Ready For It

Maybe the most jarring of her new songs, …Ready For It is also the best of the bunch. Sure, her rap flow sounds awkward at first, and the grinding bass synth sounds like something you would have heard on “Yeezus”, but it’s easy to accept it once the song transitions into a killer hook backed by a sweet island riddim. If the old Taylor died for this…I think I’m okay with that.

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